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10 things about CAMPING in Zimbabwe

By Carl Joshua Ncube

Zimbabwe is a camping wonderland with sites and places to suit all your tastes. From structures, inner-city campsites to out in the bush off the grid setups. My wife and I have been living in a campsite in Victoria Falls called REST CAMP right in the town center.

Here are 10 things I thought you should know about camping.


Camping tents at Antelope Park

Super awesome to get yourself a tent that suits your needs, some awesome brands out there of tents available to purchase in Zimbabwe include CAMPMASTER, CADAC, and BUSHBABY. If you have started CAMPING I would suggest starting at home in your back yard so you get your head around the whole idea of sleeping outdoors. Consider GLAMPING as well which involves adding a stretcher bed and blow up mattress and duvet pillows bedside lamp and solar panel for your power needs.


I am currently in the process of converting a Toyota coaster into a mobile home. This trend is growing around the world and people are converting all sorts of vehicles into a home away from home in the bush. Amongst my favorites are vehicles with rooftop tents but you can truly convert a minibus into a camper van.


is a country with so many national parks mostly making up the borders of the
country. Our national parks have so many camping areas. These sites have
outdoor braking areas, viewing decks great game viewing. So please take time
out to ask the NATIONAL PARKS about the facilities nationwide.


A camper using tongs and 3 legged pot for cooking whilst camping.

There are some essentials you are going to need when cooking out in the bush. You definitely need to have some Braai tongs, a prep table, a cast-iron skillet, a three-legged pot and leave the rest to your imagination.


There are some really important condiments that you always need to have in your prep list before you even leave for your camping trip. Salt and pepper, chili, tomato sauce and for some reason peanut butter. You must always have some type of cooking oil, vinegar for making salad dressing.


Beef and Chicken are a must-have for any Braai in the bush and I have decided to give you some recipes for beef and chicken on fire.

Chicken Recipe

Chicken roasted on a braai stand



1 X
Whole Chicken Spatchcocked


1/4 Cup
Mr. Sauce Sweet Chilli

1/4 Cup

1 Tbsp
Dried Chilli (optional)


the chicken well with salt. Place Rib Cage down on a Braai stand with hot coals
(no flame). Turn the chicken after 15-minute intervals until it begins to get
golden brown in places.

Mix the
basting sauce ingredients well and brush on the chicken with each turn. Check
the chicken by poking between the thigh and drumstick if clear liquid runs the
chicken is ready.

Brush remaining basting sauce on the chicken increasing the heat in the coals below turning the chicken 2 more times on each side every 5 minutes. Once the basting sauce has caramelized remove from for free for more camping recipes.

Download magazine for free for more camping recipes. Just click the image below to download.

Yedu Lani Travel Magazine – issue 8

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