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‘Shaking’ and ‘Stirring’ Things Up at Cresta Oasis New Bar.

There is no denying the vibrant food and drink found throughout the Cresta Group of hotels. A robust and diverse collection of social gathering places filled with fearless restaurateurs, dynamic chefs and slick cocktail culture punctuated by a savvy mixmaster.

“In order for a fully ‘crafted’ cocktail to work, and fully knowing well that a decent spirit should be able to be drunk alone, layering other ingredients within a cocktail without losing the integrity of the spirit is the ultimate goal,” asserts Tafadzwa Maridhadhi Beverage manager of Cresta Oasis, Harare. Tafadzwa, whose years of experience in the biz goes beyond a shaker and a fancy garnish, uses his knowledge of the best raw materials and their flavors profiles to create the restaurant’s inspired signature cocktails.

Cresta Oasis takes you into the ‘spirited’ world of the most notable cocktail destinations in Zimbabwe. Here are some of its signature samples

*Chilli and Plum Cocktail

Fresh chilies and cherry plum appetizer; very good with seafood and Indian dishes. There’s a kick, sure in this one, but it’s the Ancho Chili on the rim on the glass that really makes this drink zippy.

Ahhhh. So refreshing! Look at each other in the eyes and make a toast.


Margarita cocktail

Sipping by the pool. … sweet-tart grapefruit juice and herbal gin with sparkling wine for an effervescent drink that’s perfect for toast for any occasion.

Pajecha Grenadine Cocktail

This drink offers a sweet blend of archers, orange, bitters, and sweet grenadines. It’s a summertime cocktail

Malawi Shandy Cocktail

Refresh yourself African style with the Malawi Shandy an African drink mixture of orange, sprite ginger and bitters that can be both nonalcoholic family cocktail and alcoholic depending on the occasion.

Classic Mojito Cocktail

Mint, lime, soda water and triple sec a very refreshing drink usually a wash-down after a good meal or a drink to take after a job well done.

Cosmopolitan or informally Cosmo

Lip smackingly sweet-and-sour cranberry lime, vodka and sun-dried orange taken along with red meat. This beauty holds court as the most revered modern Cointreau classic

Margarita-Tequila Cocktail

Look no further for a classic margarita. Mixed lemon, triple sec can be served shaken or blended with salt on the rim of the glass. Tastes well with traditional food

Long Island Cocktail

Book a room or a cab first before taking this ‘dare-devil’ of a coctail. 5 spirits inside Coke, you can’t take it if you are not yet ready to party. Don’t be fooled at all by the innocent and dull look of this innocent concussion!

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