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Before you say I Do…

Written by: Karen Nyenga

Remember that most critical life-changing decisions in life usually have a number of questions tied to them that require very specific answers prior to one making a move to accept or to decline. Let’s take getting married, for example, the questions started way back in the dating and courtship stages, until the engagement day or night highlight which then brings us to the altar to exchange the I Do’s.

Even on the day, the celebrant will still ask the Bride and Groom if either party will take the other to commit to a number of promises they made to each other until a break clause (usually death – divorce is never mentioned in these times), but this would symbolize the end of this union of souls, heaven forbid!

To make this a personal and relatable journey, let us work with this newly-wed couple, who are now about to commit to another lifelong aspiration – owning their first home. As a new family, living with the folks in the basement doesn’t work anymore, bunking on the best friend’s couch certainly is not an option and moving from place to place every six month is not the way they wanted to start to build up stability as a couple – they have many other family matters to consider, soon.

Location, Location, Location – the good old real estate adage, still rings true to this day. Is the property we are considering, ideally located in distance or in a suburb to our work, our social lives, and potential school districts (we must consider the future)? What other amenities are close by, health care centers including gyms and medical rooms, grocery stores, clubs, and parks? How well is this suburb run and is it looking like it is deteriorating in service offerings or appreciating in market value as well as appeal so much so that if we buy now, potentially in ten years to come, we will have an asset that is worth so much more?

Paperwork and verification – the devil is in the details. An acquisition of this natures is one that one must ensure that they go through all the legal matters until fully satisfied, start off by… Click to READ MORE

About the Author.

Karen Nyenga is the Licensee – CEO at Fine and Country Zimbabwe actively contributing to the Property Industry within Zimbabwe, and engaging with young, qualified and experienced influencers of allied industries to fine-tune the standards of properties being sold, built and managed. contact her on +263 77 588 5975 or email

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