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Digital Detoxing – 2019 Tips from Influencers.

Technology and connectivity open up one’s world but being plugged in 24/7 can wreak havoc in our lives if we don’t learn how to switch off. These lads are taking steps to beat their techno habits.

Time out to be with your family or friends even alone with your thoughts is almost non-existent, as we are constantly connected to the outside world through our screens and cellphones. More and more people are seeking ways to divorce themselves from the persistent “noise”, even if only for a short period, and this had led to the global rise of digital detox camps, where adults are encouraged to lock their gadgets away and reclaim their thoughts.

In the absence of a formal detox movement in Zimbabwe, these influential local folks have consciously taken steps to get some time to wean themselves from digital platforms.

Ruvheneko Parirenyatwa – Journalist | Radio & TV Talk Show Host | MC | Brand Ambassador

A lot of my work is highly dependent on being online 24/7, which can be very tiring and overwhelming at times. One of my biggest fears has always been burnout from the consistent pressure that comes with trying to keep up with the world around me and it’s very difficult to go offline.

I’ve developed a routine that allows me to take time offline and focus on staying sane. Getting away from the internet clears my head, allows me to live more fully in each and every moment and helps me be more productive when I do get back online to work.

I never go to sleep online. I get off the internet every night at least half an hour before I go to bed. I make it a point to switch off everything and pick up a book and read myself to sleep. I’ve found this helps me clear my mind and get to sleep easier and longer.

I never wake up online. Just as I don’t sleep online I don’t get on the internet every morning until I’ve been awake for at least half an hour. This includes quickly checking my phone for texts or calls. Once you pick up my phone in the morning, it’s very difficult to put it back down. I’ve discovered allowing my brain to wake up out from under the influence of the internet helps me start the day more calmly and naturally. My morning routine includes a few minutes of silent meditation, going through my plan for the day and a nice hot shower before going online.

I have a digital detox day. As a basic rule of thumb, I prefer to spend most of my Sundays offline, well at least most of the day. I find relaxation and peace when I take time to have fun with my family, go to church and just enjoy the company of those around me without a screen between us. I find it to be such a life-affirming and joyful experience.

My advice to any screen junkies out there who spend too much time behind screens, take baby steps. If you’re really addicted and can’t stand to be unplugged for that long, try unplugging for 15 minutes. If that works, try another 15, or 5, or 30, or whatever you can. If you like it, it should be easier in the future to unplug for longer. Don’t set unachievable goals.

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