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American tourist kidnapped in Uganda

Searching is underway for an American tourist who was kidnapped on Tuesday by 4 unidentified gunmen in the Queen Elizabeth national park.

It is reported that 4 masked gunmen allegedly ambushed a group of tourists in the national park in Southwest of Uganda, around 6 pm local time. The group was held at gunpoint and fled with the drive guide and 35 year old American tourist Kimberly Sue Endicolt.

A Canadian couple was left behind without keys to the vehicle and later on seek assistance from the camp. The kidnappers are demanding $500.000 as ransom for the release of the hostages.

Moves are taking place in tracing the whereabouts of the kidnappers and the 2 missing people. A joint operation of police, armed forces and wildlife authorises is underway.

In trying to trap these men, routes to boards have been cut off in case they might try to escape using the Congo board as Queen Elizabeth is located near surrounding area.

Statics shows more than 40 kidnappings have been reported in recent months and this is causing growing anxiety in the country. There have been several protests as Ugandans took to the street calling the government to confront the problem which disproportionately affects the tourism industry.

On the critical point of view, the country must ensure that there is maximum security and protection for international tourists because they are liabilities assets which bring income revenue to the economy and society development of the country.

The country must be on high alert to avoid diplomacy conflicts with other countries, especially source markets. Tourists would want to come where there is a guarantee of protection and safety.

However, the Ugandan department of tourism must draw their attention with immediately caution to these related issues.

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