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South Africa tourism on the verge of decline as East Africa shines.

South Africa, continent’s leading tourism destination, is showing signs of decline in its tourism economy with the fact that in 2018 it recorded a decline of 1.9% as indicated by the Tourism Update.

An annual report on the economic impact and social importance of the tourism industry, compiled by the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), placed Ethiopia with the highest growth in 2018. The country whopped a massive spike of 48, 5 % increase in economic activity in the sector.

The usually-unflappable market of tourism in South Africa looks set to suffer a huge blow in 2019, according to experts. Tourvest Destination Management has indicated that 2019 may see the industry hit by a visitor decline of 15-25%.

These are predictions made at the start of the year to highlight tourism economic trends and however these might change depending on how the circumstances may turn out.
South Africa’s tourism may continue to suffer because of the following reasons:

Price-value proposition

It is believed that
South Africa is now struggling to convince the international tourists that they
can offer a better experience than their competitors, at an affordable rate.

A recovery in East Africa`s tourism industry

People are
shifting their attention towards destinations like Kenya and Tanzania. They
both offer incredible coastal stretches and the chance to go on Safari,
standing out as more “exotic” alternative to South Africa. The suggestion is
that more routes and flexible flights need to be added to its airline services.

High costs of airfares to South Africa

This is
ultimately the killer! Tourists ticked off by the comparatively high cost of
flight to South Africa. Prices are dropping for many airlines for instance in
the East Africa routes yet South Africa is still maintaining its airline prices
which will drive away tourists to cheaper destinations. Johannesburg is the
most profitable route but certain changes have to be considered for the
improvement of the economy.

South Africa is
going through a lot, from the water crisis in Cape Town to the political
tension leading up to this year’s elections. The country is becoming an
expensive place to visit for tourists; this can be traced back to the weakening
of the product-price value proposition, as well as the fluctuating currency.

Some tourists
are diverted to countries like Egypt primarily due to shorter flight times and
cheaper packages.

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