My Zimbabwe Travel Experience.

Nothing brings joy and thrills my heart like traveling both for work and adventure in Africa. Living the dream is said in irony by many of us but more like a travel motto. My flight to Zimbabwe took me approximately 5 hours via Kenya before landing into Robert Mugabe International Airport. The efficiency and speed at which the immigration check you into the country is one that will leave any traveler feel welcome and loved in Africa.

The weather in Harare was on point as if it had been planned for the arrival of the Royal highness from Uganda with an incredible atmosphere greeting me.

The first night we spent it at Holiday Inn in Harare, a beautiful facility overlooking the city, where I had an opportunity to meet with the rest of tour operators from different countries.

The next morning we were all fresh and ready to go and explore one of Zimbabwe’s tourist haven, the  Eastern Highlands,  probably the country’s greenest part, one I can compare to Kisoro in Uganda. On board was me, Miriam, Siira, Amanda from all tour operators from Uganda, Sindani a tour operator from South Africa, Godknows , Bornwell and Jonathan representing Media in Zimbabwe, Tsitsi and Trish our hosts from Zimbabwe Tourism board, Fedelis the amazing driver and Tim a tour operator from UK. I should say this was a dream team to be with while exploring Zimbabwe with Fedelis our driver playing some of the best tunes which always got me and Jonathan dancing all the time.

The drive to Eastern Highlands is akin to a journey to the ‘Land of Eden in the Bible.’ This picturesque part of Zimbabwe is surrounded by undulating hills, the aroma from the green vegetation gives out a fresh air of oxygen, unpolluted, which makes you want to drive through for the rest of your life. It’s this beauty that got 2 of our team mates trapped in a wash room during a stopover as they were still contemplating how beautiful a place could.
After roughly 5 hours of driving, we came to our stop at our first lodge for the night. Togarepi Lodge, a beautiful facility set in a craggy area of Eastern Highlands, quiet and relaxing and recommendable for lovers who want to die out into beautiful imaginations how deep their love could go.

After checking in, before the sun set, we had to drive to the World view, along zig-zagging roads not meant for the faint hearted. I was completely blown away by the ambiance at the place. World’s View in Nyanga….download free issue here for full story

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