Ugandans Discover ‘Alluvial Diamonds’ in Eastern Highlands

International Tour Operators from Ugandan, South African and the United Kingdom were stunned to discover ‘gem-fields’ in the Eastern highlands. The discoveries mostly ‘alluvial’ to them recoveries shows Zimbabwe’s rich offerings.

One of the Ugandan operators said he had only read about Victoria Falls in the media and believed this part of Zimbabwe, the Eastern Highlands, is cheated in terms of marketing.

Eastern Highlands offers quite a number of virgin areas in terms of investments especially accommodation and the government and all stakeholders should do more to attract investors in the untapped destination

“There is more to see in Zimbabwe than what most people know or think about this nation,” said Amanda EN Lwanga, the managing director of About Africa LTD, a registered travel company based in Kampala, Uganda

“The Eastern highlands is a hidden beauty to the world that it’s hard to put words to it. One needs to experience it all at first hand. No wonder the first visitor Cecil John Rhodes made Nyanga his home,” she added.

Eastern Highlands area is believed to have potential for significant discoveries of tourism and travel products for a holiday-maker. It is the country’s largest known ecotourism destination and recently adrenaline activities have been introduced.

For those who appreciate a good standard getaway destination from the concrete jungles of the city life, there is a treat in store at the hotels and lodges of Eastern Highlands, most of which serve top quality international-styles services. These lodges and camps are ideally situated in a range of diverse locations to form one of the best safari circuits in Zimbabwe, with outstanding plush vegetation, unrivaled choice of luxury safari and wildlife experiences.

More visibility in terms of marketing is required to sale Eastern Highlands as a destination. There is nothing animate or inanimate that will work faithfully as money that has been invested in marketing a destination like Eastern Highlands .

“This money is secured and will work for you whether day or night , during hot or wet weather, you will always see feedback. its therefore the perseverance and determination not to let the horrors or blues that take toll of your keeping energies relaxed from promoting a destination because you don’t expect big numbers from them. If you hesitate a bolder hand like Victoria Falls will stretch out before you and take the price,” said Ugandan tour operator/Shaka Tours and Travel Joshua Onkonko.


“Not to forget the fact that the positive noise made by these locals on social media about the destination is what will pull the curiosity of foreigners to visit a destination,” added Onkonko.

“Another discovery by the international tour operators is that Eastern Highlands is top notch and ideal for Golf Safaris because of the appealing scenery and landscape. “Lodges like Aberfoyle and Trotbek Resort have already gone ahead to set up golf facilities at their hotels, ZTA should realize the potential in sports or Golf Tourism and the number of people who sale Eastern Highlands as a destination for golf events,” he further advised.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority ,Eastern Highlands should coordinate with activity providers like Far and Wide to come up with well packaged offers or promotions that can attract locals to such fascinating areas full of Adrenalin activities; the Mutarazi Sky-walk and Zip-line and the unmatched blood-pulsating Aberfoyle Zip-line.



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