Tech Gadgets Never Travel Without

As trendy as it may be to unplug on vacation, some of the travel-ready tech that’s on the market right now is just too good to leave behind.

Plus, the best gadgets enhance your travels without becoming a distraction, like the wireless ear buds that provide a seamless soundtrack for your morning run along the surf or the keychain that keeps you from losing your keys.

Apple Watch Series 3

“While the new Apple Watch might not look too different from its predecessor, the Series 3 makes serious strides that will be most appreciated by intrepid travelers. For the first time, the Apple Watch has cellular connectivity, so you can send and receive calls and texts without needing to have your phone nearby. And a barometric altimeter lets you track elevation (perfect for serious hikers)

To buy: apple.com, from $329




Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

“The benefits of Bose headphones are threefold: 1) Cancel out airplane noise. 2) Keep ears warm. 3) Pair with SimplyNoise app to help you get to sleep if your hotel room neighbors are on spring break or are elephants.”

To buy: ebags.com, from $99


Flux Portable Charger

“This backup battery is about the size of my iPhone and holds enough juice to fully charge a smartphone at least three times — and it’s got built-in Lightning and micro-USB connectors, so I don’t have to carry a tangle of cords everywhere to use it. I never leave home without it.”

To buy: amazon.com, from $26



Olloclip Filmer’s Kit

“For any travelers with the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, this limited-edition video and photography kit is a game changer when it comes to capturing your trip. Incase and Olloclip teamed up to create a compact case that includes Olloclip’s snap-on lens system and a pivot grip for shooting video on the go. You can augment your phone’s front- and rear-facing cameras with the five-lens set (fisheye, super-wide angle, ultra-wide angle, macro 15x, and telephoto zoom 2x). I’m never wanting for a better angle when I use it.” — Richelle Szypulski, Assistant Digital Editor

To buy: apple.com, $200

Tile Mate

Another Ultimate Travel Essential, Tile’s Bluetooth tracker is one of the smartest buys on this list. Attach it to your keys, luggage, passport, wallet, or anything else important to track its location using a simple smartphone app. Can’t find your phone? Press Tile’s button twice and it’ll ring, even on silent mode.

To buy: amazon.com, $24

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