Fine and Country to host 2018 National Polocrosse Championships.

If you haven’t witnessed a polocrosse event in your life, I goad you to attend one this year, and bet it will be nuts. Absolutely, fantastically, nuts. Imagine two teams of riders, each with three on the field, honing straight for each other, while whacking sticks and trying to catch a ball in a basket, all at one time. Horses reared. Riders falling, goals being scored sending the crowd to roar like at a colosseum.

To watch a horse traversing a polocrosse ground, is similar to watching a Game of Thrones battle scene! The thundering hooves, the eerie sound of oxygen being snorted deep into lungs to feed glistening muscles and the mad dedication of the riders.

Zimbabwe’s top names in polocrosse will compete in a big tournament this year. Both men and ladies teams, respectively, will compete at the Borrowdale Country Club grounds in July and August, including full bar and catering, VIP tent and obviously a lot of entertainment for the kids. Hosted by the Fine and Country, teams will battle it out for coveted titles and prizes.

Fine and Country Chief Executive Officer and licensee Karen Nyenga said they were excited to be part of this prestigious event

“This year we have come together with the Polocrosse Association of Zimbabwe, to sponsor both of the events being held at Borrowdale Country Club, being the Ladies International Team and the Men’s International Team,” she said.

We have been lucky enough to have leading internet service provider, ZOL Zimbabwe sign up as the sponsors,” she said, “as well as leading low-cost airline in Zimbabwe, FastJet, as one of the sponsors.” “The dates for the ladies event is 29th, 30th June and the 1st of July and the men’s event is 24th, 25th and 26th August. We are sponsoring both of the events.” Karen added.

Fine & Country Zimbabwe is a part of a global brand with over 300 offices worldwide. Offering services in real estate to Zimbabwe’s local and international clients, in all sectors from residential, agricultural to commerce.

The Polocrosse Association of Zimbabwe is looking forward to the future with high goals and determination, with the end goal to be placed as one of the top 4 Countries in the World at the next Polocrosse World Cup held in Australia. In order to do this we need our players to play against as many other countries as possible to expose them to the highest standard of play, to improve the standard of Zimbabwe players as a whole. The Senior Ladies & Men’s international for 2018 will be noted amongst the games to enhance the standard of play in preparation for the 2019 World Cup.

History of Polocrosse in Zimbabwe

Polocrosse was introduced into the then Rhodesia in 1948 by Dr. H. M. Strover. Dr.Strover had read about the sport in a magazine on a visit to England. Impressed with what he read he returned to his hometown of Fort Victoria (Masvingo) and soon had a keen following.

1950 saw the first Inter Club match between Fort Victoria (Masvingo) and Rhodesdale Club of the Mvuma area.

By 1968, 144 players were registered from 12 clubs and the first International Tests against South Africa were held at Ladysmith and Estcourt.
1969 saw the first visit to our country when South Africa played us at Hippo Valley and Glendale.
1972 saw the first overseas contact when Australia brought a team over and played at Hippo Valley, Mutare and Harare.
1983 saw the first Zimbabwe side to tour Australia.
In 1988 the first World Series took place in Australia, which Zimbabwe attended.

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